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Darrell Frith

Veterans Service Manager


Stevie Wilson

Veteran Peer Specialist




West Texas Centers has partnered with local agencies and business to open the Veterans Outpost, a regional hub for service members, veterans and their families.  The Veteran Outpost functions as the headquarters for 33 counties.  We can not do this with out the gracious donations given to us by you our donors.  Without your help we could not make any of this possible.  We are always in pursuit of corporate sponsorship's, private donations, in-kind donations, fundraising, and grants to fund the outpost so we can continue to service our Veterans, Service Members and their families.  We would greatly accept any gift to help us to continue to provide our services.  Any assistance will be proudly displayed on all Veteran Outpost media to include the website, social media and press releases.  You will also be invited to share with our veterans at events we host.   We do fall under West Texas Centers which is a 501c3 company.  Thank you and we hope to hear from you.